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1    Select Atome

If you’re shopping online, just add item to cart and select Atome at checkout. (please ensure items in cart doesn't exceed RM1,500 for debit card instalment and RM5,000 for credit card instalment)*

2    Make Payment 

Atome automatically splits your bill into 3 equal payments. You'll pay the first payment at the point of purchase. The next two payments will be spread 30 days apart. 

1    Download

Download the Atome app and complete the registration process. 

2    Shop

Visit any of our machines outlets and just scan the QR code at the cashier. Obtain instant approval and Atome will automatically splits your bill into 3 equal payments.

You'll pay the first payment at the point of purchase. The next two payments will be spread 30 days apart

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Q: What are the payment methods for repayment?
A: App repayment. Go to your ATOME APP. Select "Check and Pay" overdue bills. Update your credit or debit card details.
Auto-Deduction. Deposit sufficient funds to the debit/credit card bound to your Atome account for auto deduction.

Q: Am I eligible to use the Atome service?
A: To use the service, you must:

  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Currently reside in Malaysia
  • Have a mobile phone number registered under your MyKad with your telco
  • Own a credit or debit card that will be used to pay for your purchases on Atome

Q: How do I pay using Atome?
A: Shop with machines in-store or online and choose Atome as your preferred payment method at checkout. Make your first repayment (one-third of your bill) with your credit or debit card at the time of purchase and the rest over the next two months in two equal interest-free instalments. It’s that easy.

Q: What is my credit limit?

In general, majority of the Atome users have a credit limit of:

Non-Credit Card CustomerCredit Card Customer
RM 1500RM 5000

As a general guideline, the credit limit will be RM 1500 for new debit card users and RM 5000 for new credit card users. However, your purchase may still be declined due to a variety of other factors which Atome uses to determine the approval of the transaction. If your purchase is indeed declined, you may write to us for special approval on a case by case basis.

Your credit limit in the Atome account is determined by the default payment card. For example, if you have added 3 credit cards and 2 debit cards in your account, and the primary card is a debit card, your limit will be RM 1500.

To maintain a higher limit, please:
1) Switch to our preferred payment option i.e. credit card and/or local cards and
2) Keep a good repayment behavior

Note: All Atome users have varying credit limits available for transacting with Atome. This limit is different from the credit limit that you have set on your credit/debit card.

  Q: What happens if I miss a payment?
A: If you missed a scheduled payment, Atome will charge you an administration fee and freeze your account until the outstanding amounts are paid. To reactivate your Atome account, Atome will charge a RM50 fee. If this reactivation fee and instalment is not paid within seven days, an additional RM25 fee will be charged (by Atome). In Malaysia, the maximum administrative fee is capped at RM150 per transaction. 

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